ID Theft Solutions


ID Theft Solutions

There are many ID Theft “protection” products on the market to choose from but only ONE company that truly cares about the experience our customers have when utilizing our products and services. Every month IDTSOA works hard to make sure we stay on the cutting edge trends of technology and benefit offerings for our clients. We partner with Carriers who have expertise in areas that we do not so that we can bring the most comprehensive solutions available to your team and help take the guess work out of what company to trust with protecting your family’s identities. Whether your needing only a simple monitoring, or a well-rounded comprehensive solution, we can customize the plan for you!


There are more than 49 types of Identity Theft!
Less than 25% are financial related!

While there are many companies offering ID Theft protection, most are a simple credit monitoring. The majority of cases never show up on a credit report since they are not financially related. Monitoring is a great program, however it will only catch up to 25% of the problem.

Please call an IDTSOA representative for pricing or coverage questions at (800) 735-4850.