Insurance and Financial Professionals


Our powerful ID theft solutions provide extra value to your current and future clients and generate extra revenue for you.

Would you like to increase or enhance your suite of services in the area of identity theft protection? ID Theft Solutions of America is a powerful solution for your existing and future client base, helping them avoid hundreds of hours of work that are normally associated with an individual identity theft.

Spreading the word about us can be very lucrative, as well as a great benefit to your peers. As an affiliate, you’ll help us support and protect your contacts and customers from identity theft while earning an additional source of revenue for your company. Our Business Consulting Agreement not only insures that your business is compensated for your referrals, but also creates a potentially large residual stream of income for your business, non-profit, or association! Let us be your ID Theft Experts!

You can add our services to your existing employee groups, individuals, and even help protect small business from legal and compliance issues that they face every day.