Do YOU feel safe?

April 02, 2014 | Kevin Putnam

Is it just me or has everyone else also given in to the fact that no matter how much we work to protect our private information, the truth is we really have no control of who has access to it?

Every Year we are seeing more high profile data bases being compromised.  Lap tops stolen from vehicles, data bases compromised, employee fraud; the list goes on and on.  I can’t help but wonder if it leaves the average consumer feeling like why even worry about it if we have no control of it.  I’m here to say that you CAN have control of it but don’t be misled by products or services that only speak to 20% of the problem.  Take a look at the top 10 data breaches and see why credit monitoring services are not the solution to this growing trend…

12 Biggest Data Breaches

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