ID Theft Solutions of America Corporate Profile

ID Theft Solutions of America (IDTSOA) is a proactive identity theft protection agency, specializing in protection before, during, and after an identity is stolen. The organization’s proven business model focuses on both business and consumer data breach prevention and identity theft restoration. Founded in 2002 by Jason Lavender and Kevin Putnam, IDTSOA has helped to implement identity theft prevention and related programs which today help protect over 1.5 million individuals. Although their portfolio includes a wide variety of companies, IDTSOA has become a leader within the verticals of educational institutions and medical facilities by leveraging exclusive endorsements and affinity partnerships with state and national associations.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, over half of all identity theft comes from within the work place. As a result, the government has passed legislation governing how companies handle non-public information. In order to help curtail the rising tide of identity theft, state and federal government agencies are looking to companies to implement identity theft prevention programs to help protect consumer and employee data. ID Theft Solutions of America helps companies create a culture of security and become compliant with current and constantly changing privacy laws through consultation and education. IDTSOA provides all of their clients with an on site risk assessment, id theft prevention policies, 3rd party vendor notification, employee training and related benefits, all at NO direct cost to the employer.

Today IDTSOA has a national presence and is able to address the needs of any type of organization by helping educate business owners and their employees about the risks associated with identity theft and data security. Looking forward, IDTSOA expects to expand into multiple facets of privacy protection including: identity verification, background screening, risk management, internet technology, document destruction and post breach mitigation. Through innovative strategies, as well as merger and acquisitions, IDTSOA plans to be the cost effective “one stop shop” for any and all privacy and identity theft protection needs.

Mission Statement

IDTSOA is a growth company fully dedicated to defending, protecting, and restoring the private information of our clients. We are committed to serving our customers by offering the most comprehensive and cutting edge protection available, as well as hiring, equipping and motivating carefully selected employees who share our passion, values, and impeccable moral and ethical standards.