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Data kept in school files is every bit as sensitive as that kept by banks and health care providers. In fact, education records often include some of the same information found at your bank or medical facility. Personally identifiable information including Social Security numbers, date of births, credit card and bank account numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and health information are found within educational files.

There are a number of other Federal and State laws that potentially apply to educational institutions:

Faculty and staff should be aware of the civil and criminal consequences to the institution, as well as to them personally, if they mishandle personally identifiable information as part of their job responsibilities or if they commit identity theft or aid or abet someone in committing the crime.


  • 656 Breaches made public since 2005
  • 10,300,917 records lost or stolen
  • Education-related organizations account for 31%, of all the data breach incidents reported in U.S.