Whether your organization is looking for a complete compliance program or simply needs a resource to fill in gaps, IDTSOA can customize a program to fit your needs.

As many risk managers and security professionals are aware, the requirements to become compliant are exhaustive and vague. We have taken the time to put together a checklist to help simplify your breach prevention strategies.

Click here to download our requirements overview!

Years of working within the medical field, we have found that budgets are limited and so is your time. IDTSOA has a team of experts along with a simple and effective NO COST solution. We want to become your 3rd party resource!


“With the workplace being the site of more than half of all identity thefts, HR executives must ‘stop thinking about data protection as solely an IT responsibility,’ says one expert. More education on appropriate handling and protection of information is necessary, among other efforts.”

-“ID Thefts Prevalent at Work”, Human Resource Executive