Policy Bank

Constantly changing regulations often times cause the healthcare industry and compliance departments to become behind in not only updating current procedures, but also more importantly educating employees of the changes.

IDTSOA has taken the guesswork out of where to find and what types of policies their organizations need to ensure proper handling and security of patient information.

As part of the overall data breach prevention program or as your facility sees a need, the following living documents are available:

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Policy
  • HIPAA Breach Notification Policy
  • I.T. Security Policy
  • Document Destruction and Retention Policy
  • Non-Public Information Policy
  • Identity Theft Red Flags Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • Portable Electronic Device Policy
  • Business Associates Agreement
  • Patient Privacy Notice

Each document has been created as required in the final HIPAA Omnibus Rule and once delivered to our clients, will continually be updated as needed.

Please call an IDTSOA representative at (800) 735-4850 for additional information regarding any or all of the above policies.