Data Breach Prevention

Prevention VS. Response


In today’s world of high-speed-everything, it is easy to understand why compliance takes a back seat to more pressing concerns like maintaining a profitable organization. But let’s face it, regulators are not going away and neither are the thieves who are waiting to pounce on your citizens and employees data. The best approach is to implement a program before an incident occurs, which includes a plan for handling corrective actions.

We can change the “Culture of Security” within your organization.

IDTSOA provides a complete prevention solution to include:

  • Physical Risk Assessment
  • Appointment of an incident response officer (IRO)
  • Creation of a Data Breach Prevention Policy BANK (DBPP)
  • Onsite employee training and documentation
  • Installation of an employee id theft solution
  • Creation of a Data Breach Response Task Force
  • Implementation of a Post Breach Response Plan

The latest round of privacy regulations were intended to wakeup business’ and municipalities, and get them to take a hard look at their data protection practices. Whether you are a large city or small rural town, it is not just another requirement but your responsibility to protect the sensitive information of your citizens and their families.